Appointment Toolkit

Appointment Toolkit

Scheduling can get complicated. In some cases, one-on-one appointments are the right way to conduct business. However, in other cases, group settings are a better option. You may wish to limit customers from only scheduling one appointment at a time, or only scheduling into specific locations. You may wish to be able to block out specific times within a specific schedule while leaving other parts of the schedules untouched. Even more, what if you need the flexibility to schedule 30-minute appointments in one location while scheduling 60 Minute appointments in another location? We have this and much more covered.

The Appointment Toolkit addresses the challenges of scheduling, reminding, and screening customers while providing quality service in your business. Several features differentiate ours from all the other schedulers in the market:

Status awareness – keeps track of the status of all resources so that your customers will know upfront whether appointments are available and when to call back for the next round of appointment openings.

Operational awareness – Businesses often need to target certain market segments such as elderly or time-constrained customers. Appointment Toolkit allows you to set the operational status so that the right content is delivered to your customers over the web and over the phone at the time that you need it.

Duplicate prevention – allows you to limit appointments to one appointment per customer at a time, or one appointment per customer per time period. Appointment Toolkit uses two-factor duplicate prevention to help limit the effect of duplicate appointment booking.

Smart Screening – you may have customers that need to be served in a certain way before they are able to schedule an appointment. Appointment Toolkit provides this capability.

Additional Features Include:

  • Accessibility 24 x 7
  • Waitlisting Option
  • System Generated Confirmation Numbers
  • Application Status Tracking
  • Single and Group Scheduling
  • Outbound notifications for emergencies and unplanned cancellations
  • Multi-Language (per customer requirements)
  • Content management for phone and web
  • Integrated Reminders