Survey Toolkit

Survey Toolkit

Surveys are some of the most effective tools for collecting customer feedback. Whether you’re trying to understand the best features of a specific product offering, or what time of year is optimal for delivering your service, surveys can get you the data that you need to make decisions. Businesses use online and telephone surveys because:

  • They are convenient. It is easy for respondents to complete surveys online and over the telephone.
  • They save time. Collecting feedback through automated online and telephone systems saves a lot of manual time.
  • They are cost efficient. Telephone and online surveys are significantly cheaper than other methods.
  • They are easy to administer. Administering your surveys through our online system increases accessibility and ease of deployment.

The survey toolkit provides and easy to use framework for building and deploying telephone and web based surveys. You are able to determine whether you want simple yes no answers, or options that can require even deeper drill down.

A few of the benefits that make the Avventore survey tool kit work for small businesses include:

  • Simple point and click design interface
  • Factual or objective data gathering
  • Free form or subjective feedback gathering
  • Real time integrated telephone and web availability

Advanced surveys can include logic for prompting different survey questions based on workflow responses.